Bull & the Vineyard is a 50 acre farm near the shores of Lake Erie where we raise grass fed beef. We follow the farming practices advocated here

About Products & Animals

-Animals are raised in a low-stress, natural environment and treated humanely from birth to market.
-Streams and other natural water sources are protected from harmful animal impact.
-Animal grazing patterns are managed to enhance the growth of the pasture, the health of the land, and the nutritional value of products, taking into account the specific soil conditions, vegetation, altitude, growing season, and temperature range of our climate.
-When high-quality pasture is not available, cattle are fed stored grasses, which can include hay, haylage, and grass silage. They are not fed grain, soy, corn silage, or concentrate.
-Animals are not treated with hormones.
-Animals are not treated with routine, low-level antibiotics. Animals that do receive antibiotics due to health problems or injury are removed from the program.
-Animals are not confined except for: 1) brief periods prior to and during birthing, 2) to protect them from extreme weather conditions, or 3) to prevent “pugging” of the soil during wet weather.

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